Open Plexipave Color Card

"As the USC men's tennis coach for the past 23 years, I was always looking for a slow, long-lasting court surface. Plexipave was the answer! They also have brilliant colors that stay sharp."

Dick Leach Retired Men's Tennis Coach
University of Southern California

"I think it's great for the body. I think it's good for anyone's body. It's a lot easier on the joints, which is always good, especially when you're 6-2.""

Maria Sharapova
Professional Tennis Player From the New York Times, article "Australian Open Evens the Playing Surfaces" published Jan 13, 2008

Tennis Court Colorizer

Create your own tennis court color combinations

Use our Tennis Court Colorizer to create your own tennis court color combinations.  Choose from 10 standard court colors.

Color viewed on your monitor will vary slightly from color of product in container.
ProPurple color is at a higher price due to higher pigment costs.